MMR Letter (PDF) [555KB] (opens new window)

Please find linked a letter from NHS Lothian highlighting the increased risk of measles spreading in Scotland, including in schools and nurseries.

NHS Lothian has alerted all schools about an increased number of cases and outbreaks of measles in England and Europe which increases the risk of infection spreading in Scotland.  Immunisation with the MMR vaccine is the safest way to protect yourself and your family against measles, mumps and rubella.  In February, NHS Lothian will write to all parents/carers of school aged children who have not yet had two doses of the MMR vaccine.  Parents/carers are urged to book an appointment for their child to receive their MMR vaccine by calling the NHS Lothian Vaccination Helpline on 0300 790 6296.  Parents/carers can gain further information on measles, including signs and symptoms to look out for, by accessing NHS Inform